5 Facts About Organic Argan Oil That Might Surprise You!

5 Facts About Organic Argan Oil That Might Surprise You!

September 08, 2018

Here are five facts about the pure Moroccan organic Argan oil that you might not have known.

  1. Morocco’s climate tends to be hot and dry especially the Sahara Desert which is a harsh, dry place. The Argan tree is a great beneficial plant for the climate, the oil extracted from the Argan nut can help to counteract the drying effects of the environment on you body. 
  1. The Argan tree is endemic to Morocco and remains one of the rarest oils in the world. Because of the rarity of Argan oil, Moroccan Argan forests have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to try protect and restore the amazing tree of life. The local Berber women tend to these trees and farm them for their kernels to create the amazing oil we know as “Liquid Gold”.
  1. Organic Argan oil is commonly referred to as “Liquid Gold” or “The Gold of Morocco”, and has gained the reputation as a beauty miracle that truly works as part of an effective skin care regimen. It’s completely unique. Argan oil can penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin far easier then most oils, including the famous coconut oil.
  1. Goats risk life and limb just to have it a little nibble at the Argan nuts. Tourists enjoy the sight of the goats climbing and jumping onto the Argan tree branches. They climb the trees for a chance to munch at the nutritional Argan nuts, which are hard, almond-like seeds covered by a hard shell and fruity outside pulp. This Pulp is what the goats are after, eating the kernels and excreting the Argan nut later on, which some people use to make Argan oil. However, this is a weaker oil and not nutritional at all as the goats have digested through its vitamins; this oil is usually sold for very cheap. So look out for bad quality Argan oils and go for the Organic options! You want to make sure it is harvested properly in order to create the best quality pure organic Argan oil.
  1. Pure Argan oil penetrates the skin better than most other oils. You can replace a lot of skin and hair care products with organic Argan oil. It can be used to treat a number of skin and hair conditions such as slow hair growth, acne, dryness/itchiness of scalp, dry skin, stretch marks as well as for pure cosmetic purposes such as a base for makeup. Many products can be replaced with a single bottle of pure organic Argan oil, such as your hair conditioner, moisturiser, night time cream, serums, hair care products, and even anti-ageing creams. Buying Moroccan organic Argan oil from online will not only save you money on plenty of products that may be harmful to you, but it will also transform your entire body.

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