Moroccan Argan Oil Saves Lives

Moroccan Argan Oil Saves Lives

May 24, 2018

Now I know the title is rather dramatic, but I have seen when Argan oil has really saved someone from itching their eczema infested skin right off! Yes, I did say infested! We all (those who suffer or know someone who suffers from eczema or dry skin conditions) know, how tricky it is to get rid of the dry scaly and red flamed itchy skin, that bothers us through day and night; screaming for attention. Not ok, right? 

We all have tried different methods and creams and oils and... the list just goes on, to try cure skin conditions. "This doctor prescribed that" and "he said not to do this", goodness! It never stops. Well, I've come to notice that a lot of these skin conditions are treated with topical steroids or creams that are not fully natural and contain chemicals which can in return cause a worse reaction; the pain just continues; the skin gets irritated; you notice your skin thinning out and becoming more sensitive. The struggles are real! So I went out on a quest to see what can improve these sort of skin conditions.

I reached back to my roots and realised, the women in Morocco use a lot of Argan oil based products, natural and organic Moroccan Argan oil! Their skin is flawless, youthful and glowing! So I had to get my hands on some of this miracle oil, test it out myself, let my family test it out. Lo and behold! This Liquid Gold really is worth all the hype. Skin began to improve, hair stopped falling out, I could really see that Argan oil truly had healing properties. With it being high in vitamin E and fatty acid content, I could truly see it's hydrating and repairing effects on people around me. It took a couple of weeks for the results to truly kick in. Luscious hair and glowing even skin really did it for me. So this is how I started to really believe in the amazing properties of Argan oil. 

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